Control the costs of security threats and energy usage with GHC Security. Our solutions create a safer and more welcoming environment for your employees, customers, and visitors. Based on a thorough site assessment, we design a customized, integrated system that lets you manage access to your facilities, prevent and quickly respond to threats, and optimize energy usage.


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video surveillance
Video Surveillance Solutions

Deter and detect threats using sensitive cameras that capture movements throughout your place of business, both indoors and outdoors, even in low lighting conditions. A digital video recorder stores high quality images, and you receive alerts when cameras detect a triggering event.

remote access

Remote Access

Always know what’s going on at your place of business, no matter where you are. View cameras from any web-enabled device. Receive alerts by email, text, or phone anytime a triggering event occurs. Arm or disarm security. Lock or unlock doors. Control your thermostat and lighting from anywhere.

Controlled Access Solutions

Monitor and control the WHO, WHERE, and WHEN of access to your place of business.

WHO: Grant, modify, or revoke different levels of access to employees, customers, or others. Authorized persons can enter using a card- or code-based entry system.

WHERE: Control not only who can access your business, but where they can go once they get there. Vary security settings for different areas such as your main entrance, lobby, or storage areas.

WHEN: Manage access 24/7, onsite or offsite from any web-enabled device. Lock or unlock doors. Grant or deny entry to specific persons. Detect intrusion attempts. Analyze activity or change settings.

fire solutions

Burglary and Fire Solutions

Protect your business, employees, and customers from burglary, fire, and other potential threats with a customized, integrated security solution. Monitor and control your alarm, smoke detectors, and heat detectors, both onsite and online through any web-enabled device.

Automotive Solutions

Use GPS technology to locate a vehicle within a few feet of its actual location and estimate its speed. With GHC’s geo-fencing solution, you receive alerts when a protected vehicle exceeds the speed limit or leaves authorized geographic boundaries.

energy solutions

Energy Solutions

Monitor and control your lighting, thermostat, and appliances using the same customized, integrated system that operates your security functions. As with GHC’s other solutions, you can manage your energy usage both onsite and remotely using any web-enabled device.