emergency lightingEliminate Risk with GHC Emergency & Exit Lighting inspection services:

Power outages will likely occur at your facility a number of times in a given year – it’s inevitable. Neglecting to get your emergency lights tested and inspected puts you at increased risk of fines for code noncompliance, preventable injuries and resulting lawsuits.

Emergency lighting inspections involve more than a “looks good” test.
GHC technicians follow a stringent process to ensure all lights are compliant with OSHA and NFPA Life Safety Code, including a “90-minute burn” test of battery integrity and part replacement when necessary.

With GHC Emergency Lighting Services, your lights:
  • Will function in a power outage, ensuring safe evacuation and reducing risk of preventable injury
  • Are tagged and complete records are available for the fire department and insurers
  • Are guaranteed compliant with all applicable code through our regular inspection service.
  • Powerful LED Long Lasting emergency exit lighting

Let GHC keep your lighting compliant…guaranteed!

Call us and a GHC lighting expert will do a no-obligation emergency lighting evaluation for your place of business and help you establish a program that will reduce risk of preventable injury and non-compliance fines.