For more than 65 years, GHC Security has protected Ozarks families like yours from some of life’s hazards, including home invasions, fire, and medical emergencies. Our technologies also give you the freedom to manage your thermostat, lighting, and electrical appliances, even when you are away from home.

Video Surveillance

Find out exactly what is happening inside your home, even when you are away from home. Video surveillance technology includes sensitive high-definition cameras and digital video recording.

Wireless Technology

Integrates multiple services into a single unified system, including fire and burglary alarms, as well as energy management capability.

Remote Access

Access your home security and energy management system from any location, using any online device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Motion Detectors

Alerts you to the potential presence of an intruder in your home.

Electronic Monitoring

Energy management: Stay aware of exactly how much energy you are using in each room of your home, and identify potential utility savings. Now you can more easily manage your thermostat, turn appliances on or off, and control the lighting in your home, even when you’re away from home.

Medical alert: If you or a loved one experience an accident, sudden illness, or other emergency, simply press a button to contact appropriate medical, fire, or law enforcement responders. Residents in some locations may qualify for assistance in paying for medical alert systems. Ask your GHC Security representative for details.

Automotive: Monitor the location of your vehicle with GPS tracking technology. Receive alerts when a protected vehicle violates speed limits or travels outside of predetermined geographic boundaries. Now you have a useful tool for protecting high-risk drivers in your family.